Can a Daydream Inspire Website Promotion Ideas?

Daydreams are known to produce a lot of innovative ideas because usually people day dream about impossible or far fetched things. Innovation typically crops up from such ideas. There are numerous web site promotion techniques and ideas doing the rounds among web site owners. Most of these ideas at an overall level have been tried and tested. But there is still a lot of scope for innovative ideas when you dig down into further details while implementing them.

Let us see how day dreaming can inspire web promotion ideas. The main thing to do to your web site to increase traffic is to implement search engine optimization in it. For this the site has to be made keyword intensive. Keywords or keyword phrases are typical phrases that are used for searching by net users. Your day dreaming can pitch in here – to determine all the numerous kinds of people in different situations who might need your products and/ or services. Based on this, you might be able to hit upon keywords that have a high likelihood of being used during searches. Next comes submitting your site to different web directories. Now you can day dream and get inspired about which directories to choose to submit your site. When you submit to the most relevant sites, of course you will attract more traffic. Next how can you make your site more user-friendly to retain user interest as well as to attract repeat visits? You can day dream and be inspired to revamp your website with more pictures, images and audio. You could get better ideas on content and the look & feel of the site too.

Writing articles about subjects that are closely related or allied with your line of business is another web promotion idea where day dreaming can really inspire. It can help to whip up some articles that are not just interesting but informative and sensible as well. Such inspired articles could actually trigger reader interest to a great extent and get instant popularity for your site. The same can be said to be true for blogging too. Blog posts that are relevant and innovative will give rise to many responses which could set off a chain reaction making the whole discussion lively and getting maximum visibility for your site. Now there are web promotion methods that are done offline – like advertising in media, conducting interesting events, putting up banners in crowded places etc. Daydreaming and getting inspiring ideas for these can go a long way in making them really effective. Advertisements can be placed in TV as well as newspapers and magazines. The ads should be eye catching and plant your web site name into the beholder’s mind. Conducting events and sponsoring them also need high levels of creativity. The events should be unique and interesting to the participants. But at the end of the day the motive is to get your web site noticed and remembered. Banners done creatively can also create instant interest in your web site.

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